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The ETPS (Electro-Therapeutic Point Stimulator) Unit safely detects treatment points on the surface of your skin, then applies concentrated micro-stimulation to motor, trigger and acupoints for a fast, intensified healing response.

The ETPS Unit is very different than traditional, which apply Alternating Current (AC) via pads over large skin areas. ETPS applies concentrated, Direct Current (DC) micro-stimulation to specific treatment points in minute, short bursts. This approach produces a completely different sensation and healing response than traditional. ETPS has been clinically proven to be very effective for chronic intractable pain control.

How does a ETPS Unit work?

Traditional acutherapy and trigger point needling have been scientifically proven to release natural pain relievers. The ETPS has been designed to evoke the very same beneficial response, "tapping" into our body's own internal pain relieving system.

The ETPS Unit also has a feature which allows the user to either increase or decrease circulation to the area of injury through a polarity reversal. Decreasing circulation setting is similar to ice therapy, and is most beneficial for pain control and reduction of swelling. Increasing circulation setting is similar to heat therapy and is most beneficial for immune enhancement and neural regeneration. Helping to reduce or increase the blood flow to the area greatly contributes to the natural healing process.

Is the ETPS Unit safe and easy for patients to use at home?

Although very popular with professionals, ETPS is very safe and patient-friendly. Compared to traditional devices, ETPS applies 50-100 times less current, has a much shorter application time, and uses Direct (DC) not Alternating (AC) current. All this adds up to a safer, faster and more effective pain relief.

ETPS is so simple and easy to use, even seniors may safely apply it at home. So user friendly, people from all walks of life, from lay people to all types of health professionals, may enjoy the incredible benefits of ETPS wherever or whenever pain relief is needed.

PLEASE NOTE: one of the greatest advantages of ETPS Unit, is that patients may follow up and apply this clinically proven therapy in the home setting. ETPS may be applied either as a complement to professional therapy or alone after patients have been discharged. Home therapy significantly improves functional outcomes by promoting independence, self-esteem and patient compliance. To learn more about ETPS therapy, please click here.

One application can provide hours, days or weeks of relief depending on condition and severity. Results will vary depending on condition and the severity, but outcomes are usually cumulative, providing better and better results over time.

Is the ETPS Unit expensive?

Not at all! Larger clinical models, producing the very same DC micro-stimulation can cost many thousands of dollars. ETPS has no maintenance (except batteries) and costs only pennies per week. The Unit is also reimbursable for patients through many health insurance plans.

ETPS is highly regarded by Doctors all over the world. Today, ETPS is used in hospitals, pain clinics, and physical therapy clinics throughout the USA, and is now recognized as the best non-pharmacological pain reliever on the market.

May Be Applied To:

  • Joint pain
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Knee pain
  • Bursitis
  • Neck pain
  • Hip pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • Cramps
  • Many other chronic pain conditions